Sunday, April 16, 2017

Sensodyne gives us reasons to smile

Sensodyne took the initiative of highlighting those people of Pakistan who are working to make Pakistan a better place to live on their own personal scale and capacity level, whether belonging from Urban or metropolitan areas. The event showcased films to celebrate stories of these people breaking barriers, stepping out of stereotypes and spreading happiness in the society.

The event took place on 22nd of September 2016 at PortGrand, the four films screened were based on the lives of people belonging to Imkaan Welfare Organization and Lahore Cultural Club. Other than this Sumera Mehboob, Adil Lahorei and Virji were also present all of whom are working towards the betterment of Pakistan.

All founders and CEOs of the participating NGOs were present and gave much knowledge to the audience about how these little initiatives give people a reason to smile, it’s not about spending a lot of money or taking out a lot of time, it’s just about giving the other person a reason to smile and make his/her day.

"Imkaan started working in Machar Colony the largest slum in 2013. In the course of our work we saw that alot of children were on the street with no access to any recreation or other facility. We witnessed stories of neglect and various forms of negligence. This is when the idea of Khel was born. To give these children a safe place to play and learn and provide them a healthy environment for their physical and intellectual growth. At khel we aim to provide these kids with a platform to enable them to have a promising future for themselves and their families. " said Tahera Hasan CEO KHEL.

 Sensodyne Pakistan Adil Lahorei Story
Sensodyne Pakistan Adil Lahorei Story

Leading such a fast paced life, we all need reasons to smile.
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