Monday, January 23, 2012

Active life in lahore

Mr and Junior Mr Pakistan bodybuilding contests and the national championship will be held on January 22 at Alhamra Hall complex. “Nearly 100 musclemen will display their healthy muscles and physique in Mr Pakistan completion and fifty will be featuring in Jr Mr Pakistan contest altogether ten weight categories starting from 55kgs, 60 kgs, 65kgs, 70kgs, 75kgs, 80kgs, 85kgs, 90kgs, 100kgs and above 100 kgs will be contested in Mr Pakistan while 55kgs, 60kgs, 65kgs, 70kgs and 75kgs are the weight categories of Mr Jr competition. PBBF official said teams from all the four provinces, Islamabad, FATA, Army, Police, Railways, Wapda and Higher Education commission will take part in the National championship in which Wapda will defend the title. Mr Pakistan Mr.Pak 2012 "Shokat Shehzad" and MR junior Pakistan MR khaliq ali if you want to see more then click  Completion pictures

Pics Credit Adil lahorei 

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