Monday, January 23, 2012

Market Life of lahore

A list of some of the major shopping areas where you can find abundant street food as well:

1. Mall Road from Alfalah Building to Anarkali Bazar – Pricing: Medium to high

2. Anarkali Bazar (South Asia’s oldest Bazaar) - Pricing: Medium

3. Fortress Stadium – on the Mall Road towards Lahore Cant - Pricing: Medium to high

4. Liberty Market Gulberg Lahore - Pricing: Medium to high

5. Main Boulevard Gulberg; several multi storey buildings on both sides of the road - Pricing: Medium to high

6. Ichara Ferozepur Road Lahore – Pricing: Low

7. Sooha Bazar Shalami inside ancient walled city – Shops selling expensive gold and silver jewelry only.

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