Thursday, February 9, 2012

Culture of lahore

I always try to my self that i find new in my life since last days i trying to cap such a faces that can inspire my self through the vision of ma feelings but not satisfy yet as said " Man is always in Lost only those Success who go on right path well i left home early in the morning and went for a long walk during this i saw many faces in my path most are common for me and most are rare i put the question on my self when  i cross the ravi river that why m not b satisfy with my self i have well wealth , health and all things so y i got the ans from the Hackers Hand bacg i saw these written words there " U  r ugly man with ur inner try to wash ur self with Knowledge " so i need knowledge but no got yet
Pics during my traveling  All PIcs credit by Adil Lahorei

Perfect And satisfy 

Hard worker

Cute smile with the lamp of Knowledge 
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  1. wow here are some most living and day stories. good work

    1. Ya u r most welcome i always try to do some new thanks plz share this work to all thanks